Actually the very first time I got down on one knee.

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Youtuber Verse: Stiles challenges Malia.

Stiles: "I dare you to jump in the pool.. with all your clothes on."

Malia: "What?"

Stiles: "You heard me!"

Malia: "But —"

Stiles: "You promised."

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Stalia: Malia realizes she might have feelings for Stiles and is having a little trouble with the fact he’s interested in Lydia, But won’t admit it.

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When Stiles Stilinski gets dumped by his life-long girlfriend Lydia, he soon begins to lose it. But with the help of his best friend Scott’s pack member, Malia, he tries everything to win his girlfriend back. But this will guide him in a situation where Stiles is only to find himself getting over Lydia and beginning to fall for Malia.

"For the first time in my life, I was in love. And I knew it would last forever… Boy was I a dumb ass."

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Other romances on the show will be all physical at first, but the difficult thing for them is actually being with each other and not being physical. Those are interesting relationships.

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The coyote, the trickster, the joker. The wild card.

Teen Wolf AU: The Coyote and the Fox

↳ in which Malia is the most important piece on the Nogitsune’s board aka the only logical explanation how Malia could have known about the sword and walked right out of the mental hospital like her only purpose of being in there was getting to Stiles and also the only condition I would be able to love her on

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